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SOAR-G is a Solar Panel flashover remover Chemical which provides Protection against Pollution-induced flashovers and Improves transparency. SOAR-G Chemical works excellent on DUST, DIRT, FLASHOVER, DEBRIS & GRIME REMOVAL FROM SOLAR PANEL/ARRAY. SOAR-G is designed for heavy contamination like Cement, Volcanic ash, smog etc whereas SOAR-G is designed for normal flashover. We recommend that after using SOAR-G it always look clean & shine panels like crystal.
SOAR-G is an effective cleaner that maximizes power production and prolongs the life of solar panel installations.

About Us

Problems faced in Solar Panels

Salt depositions near marine area

Cement dust

Coal dust

Mines dust

Carbon Dust

Fumes of metal and paint industry

Water scale

Bird Dropping

SOAR-G is a concrete solution for all these problems.

Special Features:

Module Friendly

Aluminium Friendly

Copper Friendly

Glass Friendly

Environment Friendly

Human Friendly

Metal Roof Friendly


Advantages of SOAR-G

Cost Advantages:

Product is very cost effective & value for money

Process Advantages:

Easier to apply.

Environmental Advantages:

Safe for environment

Available in liquid.

Why clean Solar panels?

Solar panels work by allowing light into the solar cells. The more light that hits a panel, the more power it will generate. Due to the upwards angle of solar panels, they are more prone to bird droppings and a build-up of general dust and dirt that does not wash off with just rain. This reduces the amount of light hitting the panel and reduces its output. As the projected energy figures claimed by solar panel manufacturers and installers are based on the optimum performance of clean solar panels, this build-up of dirt can adversely affect the panel's ability to meet those projections. So it is important to clean solar panels in order to protect and maintain your investment. Regular solar panel cleaning will also help you to make the most of the government feed-in tariff. If their solar panels were not cleaned regularly, they would not run at their optimum performance. Solar panel cleaning is not necessary in some of the climate, but it is proved that solar panel cleaning is necessary in India or the countries where environment dust & flashover contamination is high.


SOAR-G is a strongest Solar Plates cleaning solution.

Removes foreign deposits brought on by weathering.

The solution would not bother your skin.

No stirring required.

Removes flashover, dust, dirt & Debris from your “Solar Plates”.

Water soluble.

Non Toxic Non-hazardous & environment friendly

Types of SOAR-G Installation

Commercial Solar Panel

Commercial Solar Panel

Chemical Research

Chemical Research

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering


Some solar panel manufacturers and installation companies have made solar panel cleaning a condition of their warranty therefore read warranty guideline carefully before application.

  • Step 1: Every solar panel manufacturer different guidelines of cleaning. To avoid any warranty norms violation please read manual carefully.

  • Step2: In normal course wet solar panels with plain water then use Hydro Tubes, Hydro Station, Hydro Cart, Automatic Scrubbers, Speed brush or Refill Pad according to availability, our recommendation and your choice.

  • Step 3: Apply Soar-G according to our SOP or prescribed dilution

  • Step 4: Wipe gently. Chemical immediately and easily remove all grimes.

  • Step 5: Apply water again and wipe dry it with cotton cloth.
    First cleanup old flashover then uses SOAR-G every month to avoid heavy deposit.

Our Clients

  • Vikram Solar
  • Enerparc
  • Quark Solar
  • Gensol Engineering
  • Insolare Energy
  • Amplus Solar
  • Tata Power solar
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